I thought that this might be a good reference point to share with anyone whose says that they don't have the money to do any of the courses...

In less than a week after Wizards both mine and my husband's wages have more than doubled, yes doubled! My new role even allows me time off for the July course, Pro course and Wizards.

Also, we have had a private investor approach us and tell us that they are willing to lend us upwards of $60,000 for us to invest in property. We have been studying property investment for about a year now but haven't been able to act on it because we haven't been eligible for a conventional bank loan.

I know that increasing your bank account isn't what Avatar is all about but we had a strong primary to create financial freedom so we could focus on being in service and finally after committing to doing Wizards. We used the money that we'd been saving to buy our first home.

Things have started to flow in the right direction - yippee!

I look forward to utilizing these good fortunes to align my life more with the network and create more Avatars, Master and Wizards. I hope you're able to use our experience to inspire others to be in service knowing that their lives will fall in place with the help of grace.

"Responsibility to humanity is above responsibility to self. It is when you begin to act out of responsibility to humanity that forces are released that transform, in a very favorable way, your life.” - Harry Palmer

I'm very grateful to the team that encouraged me and supported me to be on course. Their reference points were an inspiration to me and allowed me to move forward with the faith that things would work out.

Lots of love, Bonnie Philp