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For people wanting to create a better world, or a better self, The Avatar Wizard Course is a powerful way to start the new year. Here's what a few of the course graduates have to say:


This Is How I Imagined Things Could Be

At The Wizard Course, and only a few days into the process, I'm existing in a space I always felt existed but never thought I'd actually reach. It's an effortlessness in being here. The stress and concern and effort of everything I took on before are gone. I've been given gifts before, but this one tops them all. This is how I imagined things could be, and now it's here.

R.S. - Indonesia


A Pearl of Human Development

In these two weeks wonderful things happened, and it still goes on. Old pains, attitudes and limiting beliefs dissolved. I know who I am. There is expansion, trust and inner peace.

I feel free and at the same time a strong sense of purpose and responsibility too. I now know that my contribution to an enlightened planetary civilization should be guided and guarded by my higher self.

Avatar is a pearl of human development. I will honor it.

A.H.V.A. - Netherlands


Miracles, Magic and Mystery!

Wizards has been wonderful - miracles, magic and mystery! With the Wizard tools, I have experienced a personal miracle, and I've also experienced major realizations about the ways my life connects, affects and reflects with everyone, everything, everywhere. What a joyous way to live.

Harry's talks are such an inspiration. I will leave Wizards with the great responsibility of sharing higher self and inner peace. This will be my great pleasure!

L.F. - USA


I Feel Perfectly Clear and Truly Able To Be Real

The Ambivalent Flow Rundown was so powerful for me that it was worth the entire Wizard Course fee to learn this process. I was able to get clear of some lifelong relationship issues in an hour. The view from here is more pure and clear than anything I have experienced.

Also, Creation List #4 helped me identify and integrate aspects of my belief system that were totally buried. By the end of this list I felt truly transcendent.

This course changed my life. I came to Wizards feeling pretty good but still having key areas where I was unsettled or ambivalent. Post-Wizards I feel perfectly clear and truly able to be real. I live each day awake, aware and deliberate. I'm ready to contribute to an EPC.

M.W. - USA


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