To Avatar Course

"Nothing occurs on The Wizard Course that does not contribute in some way to everyone's spiritual attainment."
– Harry Palmer

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Expected Results of The Avatar Wizard Course:

An increased ability:

  • to think and perceive beyond any indoctrinated model of reality and to use this power to resolve life problems and make decisions with total mental clarity.
  • to manage your creative energy (attention) effectively.
  • to extrapolate new data and experience new viewpoints.
  • to align and integrate various paradigms of consciousness with the actual phenomena being experienced and described.
  • to explore and perceive (independent of the physical body) hidden planes of reality and secret realms of consciousness.
  • to deliberately and efficiently manifest your intended creations (or discreations).
  • to view and understand your own consciousness from the viewpoint of higher self.
  • to define, redefine (or not define at all) an appropriate viewpoint.

An increased understanding of:

  • the beings that inhabit and the phenomena that occur on invisible planes of reality.
  • the tools of divination.
  • the interactions between conscious phenomena and physical universe events.



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