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And Now The Primary!

“Behind viewpoint is the timeless, space-less, mass-less, energy-less awareness that underlies all creation.
It perceives by becoming the thing perceived. In this mode of perception there is no separation between the perceiver and the perception. Perception is the same as being.

—from The Avatar Path: The Way We Came by Harry Palmer



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A Wizards Day

"I recommend for the next thirteen days you operate as the
nucleus of an enlightened planetary civilization."

                                                              —Harry Palmer


WizBlogPix-2016-5On any given day during The Wizard Course you can...


...start your day with the flowing, energizing movements of Yoga. Anyone can learn these simple movements and everyone can feel the calm power of a group of Avatar Wizards moving as one.


...move into the day's materials with Harry as he shares his insights and perspectives relevant to the Wizard's path. During these talks you'll experience Harry's wisdom, lightness and fun and be sure to have pencil and paper ready, you'll want to take notes.


...explore the exercises in the Wizard's pack with support from friends, team mates and Star's Edge Trainers.


...enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine while integrating whatever you choose to handle in your life. Take a walk along the white sands of Daytona Beach and dip your toes in the cool ocean while you contemplate new perspectives.


...gain insights into using the tools through lively, unpredictable demonstrations from the Primary Time Players.


...connect with old and new friends from around the world, all sharing a common purpose and mission.


"When ever you want to know what you want to do this lifetime,
you have to go to Wizards. You have to be there."

Marijke Schoenmakers - The Netherlands



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